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Ownership Poll



What is Ownership Pool (OP)?

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OP Income


Happy Club Business Wallet


Community Support Wallet

10/5555 left

Price 0.04 Ξ each + gas

Connected to wallet 0x8210…F370 via ETH Mainnet.
Wallet Balance of 10.0000 ETH.
Minting is live!

Mint your Happy Faces now!

By minting a Happy Face you agree to our Terms of Service.

Making others Happy

10% will be donated to charities altogether.

5% chosen by the community, 5% chosen by us (that helps children with autism) – This will be written in our Smart Contract

At 25% of our roadmap Happy Face holders will be able to decide where the 5% should be donated to.

The Real Story...

(Read through if you want to know the realy story behind STHC)

This project is inspired by our 13 year old autistic sister. I saw and understood that happiness is controllable but not for everyone. And for those who can’t control their emotions, a little gesture, a little image, really just a smile can bring them in a better mood. That’s where the idea came from.

We want her to have a better life because she deserves it more than anybody else in this world.

We also want to help others like her so that’s why we’ll donate 10% to a charity that helps people with autism. (This will be in our Smart Contract)

She drew the sketches and I (the founder and artist) made her sketches live.

Happy Club Business Wallet

60% of the OP (Ownership Pool) will go to this wallet.
Every Happy Face owner will be able to vote on the duty of this wallet.

The plan is that the Happy Club members will share ideas about what NFTs to buy with this wallet. Then we’ll make a poll where they can vote.

When we sell the NFT we bought (based on the Club’s choice), every holder will get a share of the profit.

50% will be distributed equally and will be sent to the holders’ wallets, 40% will be reinvested in buying new NFTs, 10% will go to the STHC team.

Why do we only give 50% of the profit to our holders and reinvest 40%? Because we’re here for the long run baby!

STHC Money Map

Community Support Wallet

40% of the OP (Ownership Pool) will go to this wallet. All Happy Club members will have access to a Discord channel where they can post suggestions and have a role to vote on our website on how the money should be spent from this wallet.

It can be charity (for doggos, cats, turtles, elephants, fishes, etc..), community stuff, the possibilities are endless.

You can also get support from this wallet if you really need.